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Mattress 01 Memory Foam

Rated 5* based on 12 Reviews

Have a restful night's sleep with the mattress 01 memory...View item details

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About the Mattress 01 Memory Foam

Have a restful night's sleep with the mattress 01 memory foam single. Enjoy a firm feel for super supportive shut-eye. Perfect for side and back sleepers, or those who want less bounce whilst maintaining comfort.

We spend a lot of our lifetime sleeping, so why skimp on your mattress? Whether you opt for solo shut-eye on a single, or you're looking to stretch out on a super king, Mattress 01 memory foam has your back. Enjoy a firm feel that keeps you supported throughout the night, no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

Mattress 01 memory foam eliminates the need for awkwardly shuffling up and down stairs arriving with you fully boxed and rolled up, making getting it to your bedroom a breeze. Once rolled out, you'll notice handy fabric side handles for easy moving. Mattress 01 has a washable zipped cover included, for that extra bit of protection from spilt cuppas on a morning (we've all done it!).

Nobody likes the feeling of being too hot to sleep. That's why we've selected innovative graphite-infused memory foam for Mattress 01 that keeps you cool by drawing heat away from your body. Clever, right?

Height: 24cm
Width: 135cm
Length: 190cm
Frame Height: 32cm
Headboard Height: 107cm

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Rated 5* based on 12 Reviews

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Rated 5* based on 12 Reviews

Mattress 01 Memory Foam

Rent from as little as


Act quickly ! Math.floor(Math.random() * 20) + 5; other people have this in their cart right now.

Highly recommend this company. I’ve struggled sometimes to get top quality furniture, and through homebound I was able to subscribe for two beautiful high quality sofas, really elevates my living room and I couldn’t be happier! Customer service throughout has been amazing. 🤩

Graham Pickersgill