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About us

Homebound’s vision is simple: to change the industry and promote a more sustainable future for furniture.

Meet Bradley & Oscar

Bradley and Oscar first met in 2017 while working together at another London-based startup. They both moved around pretty regularly, as many renters do, but one thing always struck them: why can’t I rent furniture in the same way I rent everything else?

Every time they moved they found themselves with two options: move all of their furniture with them, which is both inconvenient and costly, especially as the furniture may not fit in the new space; or sell/give away the items, but that also isn't easy or cost-effective.

So why furniture rental?

When exploring options for flexible furniture, all they found was very traditional furniture rental companies advertising dated furniture geared towards home staging and commercial clients. None of these companies offered a way to get aspirational and flexible solutions when renting furniture, and options to swap out items or buy the ones you love were basically non-existent.


Keeping up with the latest interior design trends shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet.

Our values

Bradley and Oscar were not only concerned by the lack of convenience, they also recognised that the industry is fiercely dominated by fast furniture. Furniture that’s cheaply made and cuts environmental corners. But they both agreed that keeping up with the latest interior design trends shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet.

Once they understood the changing mindset towards sustainability and flexibility, they had their lightbulb moment. They realised that they could create a circular economy that cuts down on the vast amount of furniture that ends up in landfill each year, while simultaneously democratising premium, high-quality products.

And thats how Homebound was born!

About Us