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Quinn Side Table

/month Rent-to-own price: £199
  • £5.80
  • american express master visa

    Our team handles all the heavy lifting so you can go from empty apartment to fully furnished home overnight.

    This excludes Swyft furniture which can be self assembled without tools in less than 5 minutes.

    Your monthly payments count towards the rent-to-own price. Giving you the flexibility of rent-to-own with no hidden costs.

    Free collection when you are done.

    Offering an eye-catching design, the sides of this lovely side table feature a honey-comb effect relief pattern, which catches the light to create a lovely effect.

    Width: 400 mm
    Depth: 400 mm
    Height: 500 mm

    Weight: 3 kg
    Colour: Aluminium
    Material: Aluminium / Iron