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Model 05 Linen 3 Seat Sofa

/month Rent-to-own price: £1045
  • £44.30
  • american express master visa

    Our team handles all the heavy lifting so you can go from empty apartment to fully furnished home overnight.

    This excludes Swyft furniture which can be self assembled without tools in less than 5 minutes.

    Your monthly payments count towards the rent-to-own price. Giving you the flexibility of rent-to-own with no hidden costs.

    Free collection when you are done.

    The Model 05 3 seater is loud, curvaceous and bursting with personality. With the choice of four new bold colours, this collection is guaranteed to make an impact in your home.

    The Model 05 is designed to follow Swyft's contemporary and minimalist style, but with a few simple differences. The 3 seat uses zig zag springs to create a domed, curved shape. The dome exaggerates that sinking feel and provides the illusion of a deeper seat. The back comes with a 10 degree angle, so when you sit back on the sofa it swallows you up. The angle requires more back support, so it comes with bigger back cushions to help with this.

    Height: 83cm

    Width: 200cm
    Height: 57cm

    Depth: 91cm

    Seat Height: 45cm