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Bed Size Guide

Bed Size Guide

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so at Homebound we are committed to making that third a comfortable one.


When it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable sleep sanctuary, choosing the right mattress size is crucial. From a UK Single to the enormous Alaskan King, each mattress size offers a unique sleeping experience. Let's dive into the world of mattress sizes and find the perfect fit for you!

Choosing the right mattress size is essential for creating a restful and rejuvenating sleep environment. Whether you prefer a cozy double or a spacious Super King, there's a perfect mattress size for every sleep style. Invest in your sleep quality by selecting the ideal mattress size for your needs and transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis of relaxation.

We have partnered with Swyft to bring you a choice of either soft to medium or firm mattresses for a restful nights sleep. But before you get to the mattress, which size bed are you choosing? For many of our customers who are moving to the UK from lands with bigger beds, see our bed size options below to make choosing the right size bed easy for you.




What is the Difference Between UK and US Sizes?

The actual sizes of the mattresses are listed above and below - don't forget to add in the actual bad frame as this does vary. The UK, on average, has smaller houses than the USA, so it stands to reason that our beds are smaller too - something for our US customers to note! If you're used to a USA King, you're going to want to opt for a UK Super King (if your new bedroom allows it), but if you're used to a US Full then don't worry, the UK double is almost identical in size. 


Experience Luxury with a King or Super King Mattress

For those who crave luxury and space, the King and Super King mattresses are the ultimate choices. The king mattress offers plenty of room for couples to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other. On the other hand, the Super king mattress is longer than the standard king, making it perfect for taller individuals who need extra legroom.


If you don’t see the size bed you want on our website, just message us here and send us a message so we can quickly source your bed for you!


Sizes are also listed below for ease of comparison – the beds listed are both UK and USA sizes.  Where beds are listed in feet, this is the colloquial UK term for the size of the bed. So you might hear us talking about a “Standard Double” to you, and this will be a 4ft6 bed. Please note that Small Doubles are not available through Homebound, our smallest bed is a Single. 

Sizes  CM  IN or FT
UK - Small Single  190 x 75 2FT6 
UK - Single  190 x 90 3FT
USA - Twin  190.5 x 96.5 75" x 38"
UK - Small Double  190 x 120 4FT
USA - Twin XL 203 x 96.5 80" x 38"
UK - Double 190 x 135 4FT6
USA - Full 190.5 x 137 75" x 54"
UK - King  200 x 150 5FT
USA - Queen 203 x 152 80" x 60"
UK - Super King 200 x 180 6FT
USA - King  203 x 193 80" x 76"
USA - California King 213 x 183 84" x 72"
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