No need to stress about your furniture!

Treat our furniture like it's your own! With our low monthly insurance you're covered for any accidental damage to your items.

Why get insurance?

Use it like you own it! Don't worry about having to be extra careful with your furniture. We want you to use it like it were your own. It also gives you peace of mind to do the things you love.

What's covered?

We've got you covered for any eventuality. Whether normal wear and tear, spillage, stains, or unintentional damage. Unintentional damage includes but is not limited to - broken furniture legs, bent metal items, pet chew/scratch marks, tears, cracks, scratches, etc.

What's not covered?

We want you to be covered for everything, but wilful or intentional damage is not covered. If we deem the damage to have been intentional you may be liable for the cost of the item. Things that may be deemed as intentional damage includes but is not limited to - total destruction of furniture, furniture altercations, improper use of furniture (i.e. using indoor furniture outside), multiple or repeated burns, etc.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions or are unsure if something is covered or not, please contact us via our chat or at